About Us

Tully and Lili, co-founders

You can only eat so much tofu before you start wondering how this foray into veganism is going to stick, and you can only feed your dinner guests bean-based meals so many times before they forevermore label you “bean people.”

That’s our story, in a beanpod. We have spent years experimenting with every bean we could find to make plant-based foods we'd happily eat again and again.

Moonbeans launched out of our own kitchen in 2022. We told friends the guest room was unavailable, swapped the air mattress for a 17-cubic-foot fridge/freezer, and bought some truly giant cookware. All to share the best of our creations with you. In 2023, we started selling to subscribers and at farmers markets in Chicago. In 2024, we moved into a commercial kitchen space.

We are all about:

  • Our customers. From simple ingredients, we make tasty, healthful, easy-to-prepare plant-based foods. Our customers are our first and most important investors.
  • Our community. We advocate for accessibility to nourishing foods. Everyone should be able to eat well.
  • Our planet. We strive to contribute to a regenerative food system by sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, minimizing waste, and being aware of our actions. Eating well includes protecting the planet.

We are imperfect, despite what our mothers tell us. But our chickpea tofu – now that is flawless. Just kidding. We hope you will tell us what you think about our products, our approach, our nice personalities.

Email eatyourbeans@moonbeans.rocks. And eat your beans!

-Tully & Lili

Chief Bean Counters