• Chickpea tofu

    Soy-Free Tofu

    Tofu made from beans, not soy! For your main course, of course.

  • Ooomami Chickpeas

    Fancy Beans

    The beans, the whole beans, and nothing but the beans.

  • Aromatic Aquafaba

    Aromatic Aquafaba

    Veggie broth for the cognoscienti. Made fresh with delicious aromatics.

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Take their word for it

"i've found the non-soy tofus at the store to be very meh, i also love soy tofu, but these products are really fabulous and unique!!" - A.S.

"This tofu rocks. We've baked, we've fried, we've tried it almost every way under the sun. It holds its shape and got a great mild flavor while still playing well with others. Love that I can enjoy tofu without having to worry about soy content." - A.

"These are really tasty beans! We've been eating them as a snack and as a side with dinner. The little kids love them too!" - C.O.

"Oh my… the oomami beans. SO GOOD. I want to drink that sauce. These would be perfect addition to a lot of meals I already make. Hubs is not a ‘beans’ guy, and he even scooped up a few extra spoonfuls of this stuff." - K.Y.

"We ordered the Best Beans in the Med and were able to use them over the course of three very different meals. Heated up or served cold. Eaten as is or used as one part of a larger dish. However you eat em it doesn't matter because they are so good and tasty." - M.J.

Our products are always:

Made with organic ingredients 🥑

Everything but the salt and the water is organic or certified naturally grown (a peer-enforced equivalent).

Plant-based ❤️

Always vegan. But if you're simply looking to swap in plant for meat for a meal or two, that's great! All Food Faiths are welcome here.

Packed in reusable or compostable containers 🌎

Bean Club members get their beans in reusable glass jars and reusable insulated bags. All other containers are made with compostable plant-based plastics.

Made with real food ingredients 👵

Only ingredients your grandmother would recognize as food. Though the idea of bean tofu might raise her eyebrows.

Ready to eat, but minimally processed 🥕

Made simply from good ingredients. Delicious right out of the package, or with some crisping!

High in protein 🏋️

Made with nature's finest plant source of protein: legumes.

Nutritionally diverse ⚡

Made with a diversity of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Prepared in combinations that promote absorption of the good stuff.

Created by humans for human bodies 🙋

Made with care at every stage of the process, in a kitchen, not a lab. After all, this is food! Mindful of minimizing waste, being in a community, acknowledging mistakes, and constantly improving.

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