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Midnight Moonrise Black Bean Tofu

Midnight Moonrise Black Bean Tofu

  • Made with Black Turtle Beans

Black as a new moon at midnight, rare as a total eclipse, unknowable as the dark side of the moon, this incredible black bean tofu will make werewolves of us all. We have made the appropriate the shamanic sacrifices of time, sweat (not into the tofu), and toenails of a newt (organic) to give simple black beans a dramatic and incomparable rebirth.

  • Plant-Based
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free


Water, black turtle beans †, salt, onion*, carrot*, celery*


Certified Naturally Grown

Allergen Info

The following common allergens are present in this product:

  • None

Ingredient Sourcing

We care about where our ingredients come from. The list below shows where each supplying company is based, and, if different, the country of origin for the product.

  • Black Turtle Beans - Three Sisters Garden (Kankakee, IL)
  • Salt - Redmond Life (Utah)
  • Aromatics (Onion, Carrot, Celery) - Various, but typically Earthbound Farm Organic (Salinas, CA)

We're always looking for recommendations or feedback. We are also happy to provide documentation about any ingredient, so long as you are not a spy for Big Tofu or Big Beans.

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Shelf Life

These products are freshly made, so they're most delicious within about a week of their production date. Keep them in the fridge and eat them within that time if you can.

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Customer Reviews

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I like the texture and mouth feel of this tofu. I appreciate not haveing to press the tofu to gain the absobency I wanted.
I cubed it, coated it with seaweed flavored almond flour and toasted it in my toaster oven. I served the cubes on top of the spicey tomato soup, I made.
Later on I snacked on the cubes that were left over.
I can make many different dishes with these little pillows of flavor. There is a dull lack of flavor in soy tofu that I don't like. The Midnight brings a little flavor of its own. It can stand on its own with a dip or light sauce.

This product was produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.