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Alpenglow Red Lentil Tofu

Alpenglow Red Lentil Tofu

Pink as the dusk reflected off the Alps, we think these lentils might be blushing from embarrassment at praise for their nutritional might. Or perhaps that's just an Ancient Greek myth. We moderns know that if anyone should be embarrassed, it should be all of us, collectively, for having waited so long to discover that lentils could be enjoyed in this delightfully firm, gently savory, totally cubular form.

  • Plant-Based
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free


Water, red lentils*, salt, onion*, carrot*, celery*


Allergen Info

The following common allergens are present in this product:

  • None

Ingredient Sourcing

We care about where our ingredients come from. The list below shows where each supplying company is based, and, if different, the country of origin for the product.

  • Red Lentils - Tootsi Impex (Ontario, Canada)
  • Salt - Redmond Life (Utah)
  • Aromatics (Onion, Carrot, Celery) - Various, but typically Earthbound Farm Organic (Salinas, CA)

We're always looking for recommendations or feedback. We are also happy to provide documentation about any ingredient, so long as you are not a spy for Big Tofu or Big Beans.

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Shelf Life

These products are freshly made, so they're most delicious within about a week of their production date. Keep them in the fridge and eat them within that time if you can.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Seber
delicious egg patty replacement

this applies to all of the tofus I have tried from this company (red lentil, both the chickpea ones). these make AMAZING vegan egg replacement for breakfast sandwiches, more delicious than the just egg products and healthier. i've found the non-soy tofus at the store to be very meh, i also love soy tofu, but these products are really fabulous and unique!! very happy i sampled one at the farmers market and will continue to place orders :D


The first time working with the red lentil tofu, I made a dish to share with my friends at the Uptown Farmers market's last day.
It was cold, so I made soup to share. I also made bread and melba toast. The red lentil masala spread I made was a hit. S. Vargo said he like the smooth texture and mouth feel of the tofu. T. Vargo served mozzarella, masala tofu on the melba toast.
The cubes were soft enough to spread, but they all enjoyed biteing into the cubes with the cheese through the crunch of the melba toast.
I like the lentil tofu adds to the dishes, not just another filler or substitute for meat. I look for ingredients I want to pair with these tofus.
Thank you for bringing these into my kitchen. I didn't expect personal delivery. Support small business is support for community.


I avoid soy as much as I can. I like tofu with many different ethinic dishes. This was right on time for me to make my masala spread.
I cubed the tofu and shock blanched it in lightly salted water. I tossed it into my sauce and allowed the tofu to absorb some of the flavor.
At the Uptown Farmers market, my friends paired the cubes with Anthony's fresh mottazrella on tomato melba toast. They loved the texture and the smooth mouth feel.

This product was produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.