Reusable Packaging

We want to make it easy for you to reduce your use of single-use plastics -- even the fancy compostable kind. So we're offering a reusables program for certain products, and soon, for all of our products.

Here's how it works:

  1. Order delivery from us, and select "Reusable Glass" as your packaging before adding the product to your cart.
  2. We deliver your products to you in reusable jars.
  3. When you order next, we'll collect the used jars and refund the deposit to you.

You don't have to read any further.









But if you aren't quite persuaded, here many reasons to go reusable.

  1. Single-use plastics end up in our environment, then in our food and water, and then in us, causing damage to an extent that science has yet to fully reveal. We predict those studies will reveal bleak truths.
  2. The giant Pacific floating trash islands are bonkers. Beautiful ocean creatures eat colorful plastic bits that were discarded decades ago and die. These islands are not rainbow paradises, we promise.
  3. We try to choose the best plastic packaging available for our products, which is a plant-based plastic that can be composted. Still! They require commercial composting, to which most people don't have access. And even when composted, they take months to decompose. Reuse is far friendlier.
  4. "Wishcycling" refers to the practice of recycling stuff that won't actually be recycled, hoping for the best. The fact is that overwhelming majority plastics thrown into the recycling bin, even those with the recyclable logo, end up in the landfill.
  5. Of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), "recycle" is the worst, because it means that the packaging is entering the waste stream. "Reduce" is bad for us, because we want you to buy our products! And it's good for the planet for you to eat your beans. Reuse is best!











Still here? Ok. For your enjoyment, here's what the AI suggested we say on this topic. (Tee hee.)

At Weekday Food, we believe in the power of small actions to make a big difference. That's why we are passionate about reducing our use of single-use plastics and offering you the option of choosing reusable packaging for our products. We want to inspire you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Why should you reduce your use of single-use plastics and choose reusable packaging? The answer is simple: it's better for the planet, your health, and future generations.

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges we face today. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans, harming marine life and ecosystems. By choosing reusable packaging, you can help reduce the demand for single-use plastics and prevent them from entering our environment.

But it's not just about the planet. Choosing reusable packaging also has numerous benefits for your health. Single-use plastics often contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your food and beverages. By opting for reusable packaging, you can avoid these potential health risks and enjoy your meals with peace of mind.

By making the switch to reusable packaging, you are not only making a positive impact on the environment and your health, but you are also setting an example for future generations. Our choices today shape the world they will inherit tomorrow. Let's show them that we care about their future by choosing sustainable alternatives.

At Weekday Food, we are committed to providing you with delicious and healthy plant-based products, but we also want to ensure that our packaging aligns with our values. That's why we offer reusable packaging options for our products. When you choose reusable packaging, you are not only supporting a small business like ours, but you are also making a conscious choice to reduce waste and protect the planet.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in choosing reusable packaging and be part of the solution. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

Ready to make the switch? Contact us at or give us a call to learn more about our reusable packaging options. Together, let's make a positive impact on the planet, one reusable package at a time.